Thursday, December 13, 2012

jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way

Oh what fun it is to ride
with the Stitching Sisters tonight.
 well we did it and it was fun. Other than the camera must of had issues with one ornament that does not appear in this picture(and it was very pretty)(sorry but I can only blame the operator on this one.. & all fingers point back on this) anyway, here is a shot of all of the goodies and what a nice surprise for each and every person...
 There were many woooo's and awwwwe's and lots of loving laughter to go around. We were missing a few due to one thing or another and wish you could have been with us.
As I had previously mentioned in a couple of entries I was up to something that I thought was soooo funny but could either piss someone right off or they would laugh their ass off.
for some really obscure reason I totally went outside the box this year and threw a real twist to our ornament exchange. See, for years I have been helping some of the Stitching Sisters finish off their ornaments and I love doing it too. Well, this year I stitched an ornament and then thought, hmmmm "I like this" and well, since I don't really like doing the same stitch over again....I had a nogg'n toot and burst of laughter. Not sure how it could be handled and prepared for the unpredictable outcome, off I went and just started playing. Do you have any idea how much fun it is to mess with one of your own. One of a crowd of many who know you like no others????? Well let me tell you
every piece of this colage had to do with something that reminded me of each one of the Sisters and I could not resit the chart of the winking snowman....wink wink wink. Well there is one person in our group who doste not do French Knots and guess who got it... There is a picture of how to do a french knot in the upper right corner. ha ha ha.....
 I have to mention that I tip my hat to T of T&T coz apparently she does have a sense of humor......
(she'll still pass off a French Knot though.)
Everyone had a wonderful evening and apparently everyone is preparing for a busy next couple of weeks. The door is always open @ Henley's Landing and those who can attend next week, are more than welcome to bring a thread to pull through at the big ole table.


  1. Oh my goodness....precious ornies! What a gift to have great friends and wonderful memories.

  2. Looks like someone has been playing around with PicMonkey... don't you just love it?!! What beautiful ornaments!! (Which is no surprise after getting ours last week). Glad to hear a great time was had by all... no surprise there either! lol

  3. Passport...passport. Someday when you least expect it - there will be a knock on your door on a Wednesday evening! And a new face will be sitting at your table (unless you are at the center) :0)

    1. Henley's Landing, 1st 3rd 5th Centre 2nd & 4th every month.....I dare ya

  4. Looks like some great ornies made. Would love to be able to enlarge the photo of all your friends for a better looksee.

  5. Fantastic ornaments!! I think the one that you made is a real hoot. Love it! I'm with Denise. One of these times I'll be passing through your neck of the woods and will show up on the doorstep. Wouldn't that be fun!?


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