Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a frame of mind

The other day I was observing a few interactions with a group of people and wondering if they could hear what they were saying. Like the Pied Piper playing a plastic pipe, the tone was very self centred and the chorus included an echoing of look at me, look at me. I had to wonder if the applause was to appease or to gain ground... Sad but they say repetition is the easiest way to remember. I happen to find it very rewarding to believe in myself enough to realize that it's not what I have that makes me who I am. You know, that smart ass'd stitcher who loves to laugh and have fun...
Yep, that's me
and I am proud to say it.
By now I would think that everyone is almost ready for Christmas in their own way and that their life is happy happy happy, or at least they would be working on that one way or another.
Decorations, lights and all the hoopla you can handle always makes for a fun and loving Christmas but remember that it should be a frame of mind not the almighty dollar saying: "look at me, look at me, look what was under my pretty tree.."
And as I come to a close here,
I wish you all the
Happiness, Health and Love 
you wish to have in your life
and a jolly ole Cheers
to 2013 


  1. Your post today was just what I needed. Christmas is going to be a very frugal one this year, and I've been stressing about not having enough "stuff" under the tree. Thanks for putting things in perspective...

  2. If I have food, warmth, my home, health and family I will have all I want/need for Christmas.

    Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family.


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