Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oh the weather outside is frightful

but the fire is so delightful
and since we've no place to go
let it snow, let it snow, let is snow... 
we interrupt this fluffy little ditty to say
"Gotta love the PWS"
(pritty white shit stuff)
we were shovelling snow at 4:15
having a nice hot hazelnut at 6:15
Leroy's off to work at 7:15
and that's how roll when the snow hits the ground.
 Normally this would have all started around 3am
otherwise known as the
Crack of silence/stupid/ or numbness,,,
 but today it is fondly known as
the Crack of the Roar
(of the Winter plows)
We enjoyed our Christmas Eve with  most of our children and their loved ones and dinner was not bad if I do say so myself. It sure makes for some very interesting and revealing interactions when this crowd gathers.
It was so nice to sit down with everyone.
Moving on through the evening, because we were headed in different directions we took time to open our gifts then headed out to our evening destination. where more family gathered, and crowded into one of the family
Man Caves.
Nothing quite like 15 adults, a table with 8 chairs, a love seat, extra chairs and a fire place to take the chill out of the evening.
oh and a well stocked beer fridge.
Christmas day was on the quieter side for the morning and long about noon the driveway started to fill up again. Cousins in from a bit of a distance, the host from the night before, the youngest of the Henley's siblings showed up for a festive visit before a long drive.
On to Boxing Day and all that goes with it... We haven't gone shopping for so long on Boxing Day and the crowds were actually not to bad. With one of the kids with us and after a trek through Wally world we headed down the mountain so she could spend some time with her friends. On the way back we hit Michael's and another Wally world, and with all of the sales on Christmas decorations we founds some lights we had been waiting for, some wool for a few more scarves, some wonderfully scented candles,and some other odds and ends to place throughout Henley's Landing.
And now on to today,,,,
 I would like to Thank everyone for all of the awesome goodies which I received and each and every piece is so thoughtfully chosen to suit Henley's Landing.
Cheers to the gifts we share
with the ones we love.
I trust everyone had a most wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to 2013. Did you know,,, that in just 362 days we can do it all again???


  1. Glad to hear your Christmas celebrations went well.
    We had a quiet one here with 2 of my 3 sons. Today we were to head out to Quebec for our Christmas with the oldest and the grandchildren but that PWS is keeping us home. We're expecting 30 cm on top of the 44 that we got last weekend. Visibility is poor so I'm not taking any chances.

  2. I'm so glad you got the snow and we didn't! Sad though that it might keep folks from getting together with friends and family...don't like that part.
    Masterchief gifted me with a new wine glass! It is etched "Peggy Lee" on the side. He knows me so well!!

  3. Sounds like the a wonderful Christmas from start to finish, and I can imagine just how awesome it was to have all those Henleys joined together! Your Boxing day sounds like so much fun, hopefully it ended with a beer or two from that well stocked fridge. ;) Sending you thoughts for a healthy and happy New Year...note the healthy in there :)
    ILYLASAAW and I am thinking that perhaps May 2014 may be my year...get it? wink wink!


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