Monday, January 14, 2013

Slow boat of NT

As the past week progressed so did a page of Northern Tranquility.
I tend to get to it very early in the morning for a bit then with a distraction or two I am away from it. Then when the coffee maker squeals like a ninny going off, I'll sit down for another quick pull of a few threads.
As much as I should post a picture of progress, it would look like the last picture but with a bit more definition. Maybe once the top row of pages are completed I will post it, but as the last picture shows, those pages are up, and somewhat on, just not finished. I suppose it would look different but to me not so much so I will wait for a bit more... I have not had anything new jump out at me screaming "start me!!! start me!!!" so that is a very good thing.....
This weekend was not your typical winter weekend here with the warm weather we had and that my friends led to getting the bike fired up and out for a spin around town. There were bikes out everywhere in this city and surrounding areas and the smiles
were brightly shining under each and every helmet.
Our empty nest becoming very comfortable (again) it is gaining room almost every day... We all know there's no place like home right,,,, so come and get the rest of your stuff and take it home...tee hee hee
awe ha,,, look dear more room in the man cave....woooo hoooo who knew..
A favorite shelf has been moved into the front room  so now all of my ENJO  information, catalogues, order forms, samples and other such paraphernalia is in a suitable location rather than a collection at the bottom of the staircase.
Gotta love some form of order.


  1. Yep, the weather last weekend was fab and there were many a biker and runner round here, too! Wish it'd stick around...
    Know what you mean about kids getting their stuff! Yahooo!!!

  2. Glad to see you're able to spend some quality time with NT these days. The weather around here lately is worth leaving town to escape. Too darned cold for my liking!

  3. I just started a new Mystic and am working it in 10 X 10 row, all the way across the pattern instead of a page at a time.....should be interesting. I've been just trying to catch up!


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