Monday, January 7, 2013

one down fifty one more to go.......

This weekend we went out for dinner
to a popular restaurant in town
with friends and let the laughter begin.
We were glad to arrive shortly after opening hours
because not even ten minutes after we were seated
the lineup began and was seemingly not moving the entire time we were there.
 The food was very good (once the steak was cooks as requested) and you know,
there's something about freshly ground Horse Radish...
wooo man, it'll stop you in your tracks real quick.
After we enjoyed our meal
we moved on down to their home to continue on with the evening.
on the stitching front~
After having accomplihed the first finish of the year
I have turned to pulling a few threads on my beloved Northern Tranquility
 and man I am loving it.
While working on two pages at a time 
I find the space filling in quite nicely,
even though one might think there is a wedding in sight!
(confetti, confetti, confetti)  
on the ENJO front~
Preparations for the Mystery Host Demo on Saturday January 19 are up and running
and with the specials ENJO is offering I can imagine
Henley's Landing to be a busy location that day.
There is something wonderful about being able to introduce family, friends,
 people on the street, their friends and family to a completely new lifestyle.
A lifestyle to make your home a chemical free zone
for you and your family.
Not only will you benefit by having a healthy and cleaner home, 
but so will the environment.
a lifestyle that allows extra time, money, and space,
to do the things you love to do, 
all while helping the environment.
A lifestyle that allows you to  follow a busy schedule 
and do so in comfort and in health!
I am looking forward to a fun Demo
with a Mystery Host.
Not to mention sharing the most inovative way of Cleaning.
Yes, that's right folks, I said a "C" word. 
and once you see it you will be excited to begin your own new lifestyle,
or shall I say
Cheers to another wonderful week.

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  1. glad you were able to go back to tranquility it is such a nice piece!


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