Thursday, March 21, 2013

Almost ready,,,,,

where have all my stitches gone?
Funny how life gets in the way of what you love.
I know a few who will think,,,,
oh yeah,,, she has finally given it up
and moved on to more important things in life ...
and to them I say
" bite me! "
"  it's not going to happen! "
Every now and then you hit a period of time
when the floss just doesn't pull through the linen as often
and it is not for want or lack there of,
it just happens.
I know that I have been pulled away from my stitching for a bit
and I also know that is winding down soon
and as the days become warmer,
the wonders of my
are sure to kick into overdrive
and I'll be gone
as they say.
so for now and until that sun comes out
 from behind those snowy clouds
I will maintain this course of action,
 finish the details of said projects in the works
and be done with it once more,,,
well, at least until the year end shows
and then we get prepared and
for the next competition season.
Did anyone ever hear me say
" I don't miss that !" ?
funny how life hands you something and you think about
the impact you could have on a final output.
And after all,
when you know you are good at doing something
and you sit back at the end of the day
knowing you gave it your best,
 when you see the look a face when
everything fits to a T, and they love the design,
and then when you see your work on stage,
there is an inner peace.
Gotta love creating Dance Costumes.
(and not the pole kind)
So in a couple of weeks it will be time to catch up in the stitching department. Until then I hope all walkways are clear, stitching chairs are fluffed, cussions are tied down, Gazebo's are prepared for a wonderful warm season of stitching.


  1. Oh, I wish I could wind up my stitching season and have other things done. Nope, it does not happening! Everything is on the back burner except stitching.

  2. Yes, life has definitely gotten in the way of my stitching...but I think that I have found some stitching mojo recently as well as more time. Hard to believe. Take care!

  3. I've still had time for stitching but life gets in the way of my blogging time. Whenever I have free time I'd rather be stitching than on the computer. As for the gazebo, I still can't get through the snow to the door of it! I'm hoping this week's warmer temps will melt some of that snow away.


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