Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello March

and here we are moving right along into the year
and what have I stitched to show for it????
However, I have been very busy with a project of late and it appears to be taking much of my stitching time also. Yes I have pulled a few threads through but not near as many as I would like and I guess it really is not a bad thing since the weather is not permitting to much of the OOTDS yet. Mind you,,, this past weekend was wonderfully warm and one could see people outdoors everywhere. How nice is that?   Damn fine if you ask me.
Well, from here I am off to do a bit of work and get ready for a meeting here this evening then back to work again. Then maybe some stitching. We'll see.
I hope everyone is enjoying the meltdown we are having at this time and all the pussy willow buds are trying their darndest to blossom.
Cheers to a new week and pulling a few threads through too.


  1. I miss the Pussy Willow blooms...a sure Spring sign...

  2. I spotted some crocus starting to bloom in my yard today .... hope you manage to get some stitching done soon :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Still too much snow here to see any buds coming up. Bob's going to try and shovel a path to the gazebo for me. It's pretty warm in there on sunny days.


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