Monday, April 1, 2013

A-Z & April fools

 Well, here we are in April and everyone is buzzing about the A to Z Challenge.
so, if I had to pick a choice of topics to form
 this challenge around
I thought I might choose names of people in our family, however I have since changed my mind and I have decided to go with an alphabetical list of what I am Grateful for.
So without further adue:
A is for Alexander and Alannah.
Two children who have the abillity to make me laugh out loud, get really pissy and then laugh out loud all over again.
Relax he says,,,, ha ha ha
Alex and Alannah may be known here as Zammer and Peaches and they are two of the people who make me who I am. Each one of them is full of their own uniqueness , that's for sure, and they have always been very self seficient. They both had jobs all through high school, began driving on their 16th birthday with their own vechiles/insurance and responsibilities. Both have grown into mature adults with a love for life and true determination. I suppose maybe it could have been the things they learned when I was not watching that makes them who they are today,
 and for that I am truly a Proud Mom and, 
very Grateful.

Cheers to Alexander and Alannah



  1. Gotta love the kids! Nice to hear from you -- or have I been the one missing?

  2. Nice to read a post from you! Don't be gone too long now...

  3. What a beautiful post... can't wait for the letter "B" :-)

  4. Loved this post! I'll be looking forward to all your posts through this challenge.


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