Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blogs and Beds

 As we are all aware, there is a bond formed with a Blog. Be it with the content, the humor, the direction, the beliefs or just because, there is something that connects us to certain sites.
Once the topic is chosen, the words just ramble out and sometimes they hit you in the face like a barber with a wet towel.
The majority of my content is reguarding stitching that I have either completed or have in progress. For many years I have included other topics,
and others have included other topics in the comments.
Thankfully I have come upon some wonderful friendships and although our paths may never cross there is a definite connection.
Cheers to all of my Blogging friends.
To some,,,, Beads = French Knots
Cheers to those who don't like to wrap their needles with thread and pull it through the fabric.....
Having a nice warm Bed to climb into at the end of a long day is yet another thing that I am grateful for. So many take things for granted and know that at the end of the day they can become one with their nice warm bed. Last year I was exposed to a wonderful group of women who chose to help others have a more comfortable sleep. Imagine, what would be more comfortable that sleeping on the ground? Well apparently as we take our cozy cacoons for granted, there are many individuals who have no choice but the hard ground to catch a few zzzzzz's. This group of women gather every week to make mattresses from Milk Bags and what an inspiration they are. The pride that goes along with this and many other groups like theirs is breathtaking. I am and will always be grateful for the compassion and generosity I was involved with.
Cheers to all shapes and forms of a Bed.


  1. I've seen some of these mattresses and hats off to the ladies who give of their time to make these for others.

  2. Great post! You're one of those fun blog friends and a bead rather than a French knot! D'uh! Why didn't I think of that when I made such google eyes on a sampler? Awesome group of women that make those mattresses. I'd not heard of them before. Cheers!


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