Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C ,,, hmmmm well is the C day Cheers

Well, well, well,
I guess it all comes down to the big C.
Being Grateful for the big C is somewhat of an Si-ism however if you were to think of the big C as Cross Stitch it will put a smile on your face.....
Not to down play the other big C being Cancer. In a round about way there are a few things to be grateful for that one too.....My hat goes of to each and every person whom has had Cancer touch their life.
Ok so back to the Big C  of Cross Stitch
Could you even imagine life without it?
After being exposed to Cross Stitch at an amazingly young age (go figure) I found that there was a true connection with the fabric, floss, needles and my hands.
I stand true that Stitching is one of the best therapys...
and with that said,
if you have ever seen the walls here
one might just think that I am so messed up.....
ha ha ha
oh, the thought that there is a theme is just ludicrous here.
There is such a diverse array of subjects to choose from and that I have done.
There are many pieces in my collection of stitching
which many wonderful women throughout my life have stitched for me
and for that right there I am extremely grateful.
I do have some pretty incredible friends who love to pull a thread or two through almost as much as I do.....
Cheers to all the thread pulling women in the world,
and Cheers to all of the beautiful pieces of stitching
you have shared with us
and know that each one is as special as the one by its side
 here @ Henley's Landing.
(for those whom have not yet seen the Milk Bag Mattress process here is the website of the Ontario Gleaners where most of the matts go to prior to shipping all the other goods to the less fortunate.)


  1. Sending you a smile and hug. The big C of cross stitch is a great therapy for sure. So glad you have great friends in the stitchy community as well.

  2. A Chesterville cheer coming your way for the big C of cross stitch! Without it, I'd be stark, raving mad by now or at least well on my way, lol!


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