Saturday, April 6, 2013

F= Friends and Family oh ya and French Knots.....

Friends, Family and French Knots. hmmm
Well, without Family I would not have learned to do French Knots and  in turn would not have a long twisted joke with Friends.
Afraid Not.....
get it?
(a frayed knot.....)
Friends are what makes your world go around, and family is the axis. Oh I know how some worlds are on a bit of a tilt but it is the friends that bring back balance.
Now, if your Family are your Friends
that's even better.
Although it is a wonderful experience to have your family be your friends
there always seems to be a twist in the knot or a tilt in the whirl.
whether friends or foe
you always know whom you can count on when you need them and
to whom you would run to when they need you.
Cheers to all of my awesome Friends, Family
and of course all of the
Friends and Family who love French Knots.....
teee heeee heeee


  1. Happy weekend dear friend! Hope the snow I heard about misses you...wish it were me!

  2. I'm enjoying your A to Z posts! Have a great weekend!


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