Monday, April 15, 2013

M = Memories

Every second of every day
becomes a memory the second after it appeared.
So what do you do with your memories?
If only I could remember what I was going to say about memories~
I think the most important aspect of my memories
is what I do with what I learned
and what I choose to hold on to. 
It is so true that as humans we compare our memories,
we compare our outcomes and we compare our hopes with others
 even if we know nothing of them or their story/memories.
Memories come in different levels,
what you want to remember
how you want to remember it
and how everyone else remembers it. 
and then there are those which you would love to forget,
in fact you would go to great measures to remove from your mind
and for one reason or another they are embedded.
There is a lesson to learn from each and every memory
and for the most part,
remembering the happiest memories
will instill a happy approach to every day.
Even with some of the unfortunate memories I have within my head,
I understand that even though I may never lose sight of them,
it will be what I learned from those experiences:
Whom to trust,
Whom to look forward to many more memories with,
some times whom to give another chance,
and those I choose to walk away from.
I have many fond memories of my childhood, my teenage years,
as an young adult and just yesterday,  
and even though I hold on to them,
I know I have forgotten more than I can remember.
With photos in hand and a big ole book to journal,
you can relive your life and journal it for your future friends and family
to see what your memories hold and who you share those memories with.
Cheers to all the photo albums and memories within
Cheers to what you do with what you learn from them.

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  1. Yes - with every passing moment, with every passing day, we continue to build up our "Mountains of Memories"! Stacks and stacks of photos bring up those I have forgotten, libraries of journals I have started give insight to thoughts and dreams I had in yesteryears. What would we do without all these tools?
    I am enjoying your alphabet...I look forward to N.
    Take care,
    Lisa D


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