Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N= Nostalgia

Another form of Memories.
Whether it be in photo albums, memoirs or other material possessions,
Nostalgia is a wonderful way to see and feel what once was.
As I glance around Henley's Landing
I easily see much of what "someone" might refer to as crap or clutter, 
but to me, each and every item is a piece of what and where I came from.
On one hand there is a collection of old Wood Planes that my father used
when he was enjoying his hobby of woodworking and creating furniture,
in the other hand there is an old Singer Treadle,
a really dated Judy, a few old Samplers, 
and a good size collection of old Brass.
Grandmother always had those candlesticks on her mantel,
then on down to my parents and then on down to me.
To say that those are the only pieces of nostalgia here would be a 
total understatement.
So many little things, and some not so little. 
And then there are the pieces which my kids might consider nostalgia
just because they grew up with them around our home.
Take 500 snowmen,,,,, lol
that'll be the S= day..
but to Alex and Peaches, those little white dudes have been here most of their lives
so how could that not be considered Nostalgia....
I know, they are thinking
~ who the hell are we gonna dump all of these on when she is gone? ~
Look out Sally, your boutique will be festive and full.
For now, I will cherish all of the Nostalgia that fills our Landing
 and hope some of it will mean something to someone someday.
Cheers to hanging on to treasures 
whatever form they are.

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  1. I have just about every rose (dried now) Rob has ever given me. And I collect mallets of the men in my family. So, yeah...I get it. And I have no idea what the kids are going to do with those roses or the any of the stitchy stuff. :)


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