Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3 more .....

What a glorious weekend we had. Right off the hop it was nice then all of a sudden Saturday had a bit of a stumble what with a bit of attitude. With a little bit of a talk to Mother Nature we got things straighten out and Sunday and Monday were a couple of the best Victoria Day long weekend days we have had in a few years. Sadly some were not as lucky and endured some very heart wrenching findings. Our hearts go out to those who lived anywhere in the path of destruction.

As this coming weekend is our Stitching Sisters Annual Retreat we find ourselves scurrying frantically on a hunt for all the little goodies to take along. This will be the 5th year we have taken advantage of celebrating our Sisterhood and let me tell you how much more relaxed and easy going we have become. I might just add in that the way we have our retreats is so very different to those you typically hear of.....
in that we Celebrate the "NO's"
     NO  AGENDA.
                                                               (coz we see what everyone has been working on every week anyway)
and probably the very best of the "NO’s" include, 

In other words we go to stitch, laugh and spend more time with a group of fabulously talented women who just love to hang out together, at one of the nicest locations in Ontario, "Brentwood on the Beach"

A very brief recall of the four gone past.

Year One...

Everyone was happy to get away to, get this,,,, stitch all weekend long with our friends.......and we that we did from the minute we arrived on that Friday afternoon, right up until Sunday morning. Not only did we stitch with our own group of wonderful stitchers, but there was another group who have become a wonderful and mind-blowing constant to our Stitching Sisters. Early on we labelled them "The Four From Forest" and it just kind a stuck. Man do they stitch, chat, laugh, and I might add that they have
T H E     B E S T    S P R E A D   O F    G O O D I E S,
and did I mention: they have a wonderfully twisted sense of humour too? They do!, and what a great addition to our habit. Seemed the only time we were not all gathered around the big table was at meal time and let me tell you how much fun that was.

Year Two...

With a years experience, we were a little bit more relaxed and although we continued to stitch from morning till midnight we did take time to smell the roses, as they say, A few of us decided that Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday were just not long enough, so we went in on Thirds and stayed until Monday noonish. We were joined with a bit of a balking tackwards Sister who kure snew tow ho tih the bunny hone

Year Three...

So now that we really had a feel for Brentwood, we took advantage and many were off for hikes, a few went off to shop and well Mother Nature was at her best and provided a wonderful display of sunrises and sunsets, well until Sunday when the winds promised to set a few things free. For the most part we managed to arrive Friday early afternoon and stay until Monday noonish. Of course there were games to be played and man did we get to know who was sitting at our table.

Year Four...

Again a plan for the extra day and the weather was awesome. There was somewhat of a freedom in that once we arrived as we just kind of hung out on the patio waiting for each of the car doors to close and the excitement of who it may be. Little did we know that Jose A , Jose B and Mickey Mouse's  hair raising 3rd cousin removed, would scurry in to join our fun. I tell you, laugh, oh my goodness did we laugh. And although there was a great deal of time away from the table, enjoying the property, view and weather we actually did find a few moments to stitch too.

So what does year five bring to us.....Well, that will be determined in a few short sleeps.

Cheers to Year 5 and all that goes with it. I am sure there will be some "postable" moments to share, some maybe not so much.


  1. Thanks for bringing me up to date! It sounds like a hoot and I can't wait to hear what year 5 has in store.

  2. We've been here for hours - having a blast. The male strippers just left. Maybe next year you'll be on time. :-P


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