Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Well, here we are in the middle of the week, 
in the middle of yet another month. 
Seems every time I get out of bed,
another day has flown by.

What ever happened to the time 
when a day dragged on and on 
and on?
As fast as the days of May are passing 
the stitching time is certainly not keeping up
and that in itself is disturbing. 

Low and behold,
 we are just as fast approaching 
one of the  most anticipated weekends 
of the year. 
So, at the end of this month, 
The Stitching Sisters, 
are off to spend a wonderful, relaxing, 
stash packed, stitch full weekend 
in a place where some refer to as  
Heaven on the Huron. 
Properly known as  

With bags of stash, lamps and loads of laughter, 
we will land in early Friday afternoon 
to forget all that we have to deal with 
and totally become enveloped in what else,,,, our stitching, and wonderful comradely. 

The view is amazing  
and with any luck 
we will enjoy  the late night fires 
down by the lake.  

In the meantime, 
this evening we will gather 
here @ Henley's Landing 
and I am sure there will be  a great deal of conversation  
revealing which project everyone will be taking, which dish we will share, 
and how much we are all looking forward
to out time together.
Not to mention sharing some time 
with our Four From Forest. 

For now, 
I wish everyone a happy Wedstitchday 
and also send our thoughts and prayers
to the Bosma family.

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  1. Hi there,
    I am back, tomorrow I will post on my blog if I get 2 minutes. I am glad that you are getting excited for our stitching week end at The Brentwood. I am going to start packing on monday. Nice of the LCBO not to go on strike, I will get Steve to pick up a few bottles for time at the beach! See you soon. Kerry


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