Tuesday, May 28, 2013

359 sleeps

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend.
I have to tell you that we all had an awesome time
 together at Brentwood.
There were a few internal changes with the staff
 and a few upgrades within the building
 but each and every change was a good decision.
 Although I will admit,
we sure did miss Sandy.

We found our way on the road Friday by 9ish
and took a little detour off the 401
to the little town of Ingersoll
 to find Stitch it Central
and what a fabulous Stitching Store.
Wow, an hour/bag full later
we were back on the highway
Westward to our destination.
After a warm welcoming
I headed into the top level sitting room
 to find the famous Four from Forest.

What a lovely group of talented,
friendly and witty women.
And oh how they fit into our group nicely.
Later in the afternoon
we gathered around the tables
to pull a few stitches
and as dinner was to be served at 7pm
 we managed to have a good time arranging,
 debagging, sprawling and lighting our own spaces
 to make it comfy and cozy for the entire weekend.
 After dinner we headed back down
 to pull another 5 or 6 hours of threads.  
The winds were with us and were a tad to strong
 to allow us much time to stitch out on the deck
 but a couple of us found some barriers
 later Saturday afternoon to catch a few lengths and rays.
The lake was a tad chilly
but not quite as cold as I had expected,
so that was nice.
Saturday and Sunday’s sunsets had to be
the most interesting and spectacular visuals I have ever seen.
I could suggest the numbers of each shade
 as you scale across the view
and not be far off,
they were so beautiful.
As always, the meals were incredible,
the atmosphere was inviting
and the staff was very welcoming.
I know, I know, that’s their business
but these gals are amazingly friendly.
We missed those who were unable to attend
for one reason or another
and hope that next year they will be able to attend.
 One unexpected guest made way into our group
 and I am sure that experience will keep him in stitches...
Our community lost a very funny man not long ago
and his humour made such an impact on many people.
 The guest was Flat Gord.
An acrylic cut-out of a very funny man who happened to be one of the best blind golfers the world has ever seen, no pun intended. Gord Paynter was a blind comedian who loved to travel with his wife and had the ability to write his experiences of each journey to make the reader feel the experience as though they were right by his side by way of speaking with all of the other senses he had. Flat Gord travels everywhere in the world with people from our town and all you have to do is sign him out of his home and take him with you. Funny pictures can be found with Flat Gord.
Sunday afternoon we all headed out to the stairway
 for our annual pose and load of laughter.
There are always a few sobering moments
when it comes time realize
that it is almost time to depart from this location.
I suppose there is relief in knowing
that in a mere 359 sleeps we will be back.
Cheers to all the wonderful memories of our Stitching Sisters weekend 2013.
PS,,, did I mention we did stitch? No spills and only one major FU.
(which will remain as just that.)


  1. Looks like a great time and that sunset it to die for!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful fun filled weekend! What a great looking group of ladies and the weather worked out well for you. Excellent!

  3. Wonderful! I'm so glad that a good time was had by all. When we head west to Windsor this summer I'm hoping to check out that store in Ingersoll. Is it worth my while?


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