Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finally, sometime soon!

With all the weather and grass growing going on it seems like stitching has taken a back burner, so to speak. NOT. I do like to keep the Landing looking nice and well maintained but I do like to have a good ole bout of OOTDS! For the past few weeks much progress has happened in both departments and by the looks of the yellow spray paint outfront by the street there will be more in the works shortly.
We have a tree that the city planted, oh maybe 35 years ago, that once again has decided  that it was time to push some sidewalk squares out of alignment and cause some pedestrians  to trip. Oh they come and grind down the walkways in this city followed by a cement cover-up which shatters upon first snowfall.
Apparently, this time they are to rip up 6 of the large squares right smack in front of the Landing, cut back some of the roots, replace the sidewalk and destroyed grass with new slabs and rolls of sod.                     Sometime in July.
The fact that the tree is not an Ash, and is city property, they will leave it to continue the yearly upheaval and would rather have spend thousands of dollars to repair each and every sidewalk which has become jostled, cracked and defective, throughout the city. While I totally understand wanting trees, some of the "Make Work" mentality is incomprehensible. This is not the first time the sidewalks are being repaired in front of our home and as you enjoy your evening strolls anywhere in this city you may want to keep an eye on the sidewalks for their unevenness and hope you don't take a tumble. Interestingly enough, City Hall tends to respond in a somewhat sorta quick manner when the idea of a lawsuit is put in a conversation of concern.
So in the next few weeks I am sure to be keeping an eye on these much required repairs and hope they last longer than those in the past.
Cheers to not falling flat on you face.

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