Friday, May 10, 2013

Wonderful days of May

After the week we have had one might wonder what’s next?
Well, not that there is anything we can do about it
but some more of the same would be just fine,
Thank you.
For the better part of the beautiful days of this week
I have been outside. Go figure.
Whether it is on the Landing
or suffering a terrible case of the OOTDS
and it has paid off in a few instances,
some of the things I have tried to accomplish are completed,
some not so much.

Take my stitching,,,,,


take it and finish it for me,,,,,,

So far this year and now that all the costumes are finished and delivered,
  I have managed to do one page of Northern Tranquillity,
I have worked on a few items for Christmas,
created a special "Hugger" for a special MA
and finished off a few pieces for a few friends.

So, what now you ask?

Well on the 1st of May
I started yet another piece for a special person.
It is one of the Lavender and Lace collection called "Sweet Dreams".
With a few minor improvisations and a transposition, 
I am sure it will be very well suited to the individual receiving it,
coz, well

she is one special person herself.

I do believe that today will be the first day of this week
where in I will have to relinquish my position of OOTDS
and get comfy and cozy in the big ole wingback,
but I might also add
that as soon as those clouds are emptied,
out I go to resume my customary position here @ Henley’s Landing.
Cheers to the weekend ahead.


  1. Are you saying all of your stitching for the retreat is complete?? Wow! How many more sleeps?

    Haven't made it to my porch yet this week - dang! Maybe today after all the computer stuff.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day (from those south of the border to you.)

  2. This week has been glorious! Bad weather on the weekend sucks but it ensures I'll get more done. This week that more will have to be laundry - I've avoided it as long as I can. I hope I can squeeze some stitching in between loads!

    I'm sure whatever you're stitching for your friend will be loved and appreciated!


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