Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weeding through Sweet Dreams

aside from the wrinkles, here is Sweet Dreams so far,
and I gotta tell ya....
this thing has taken so long to get this far.
 Seems for all the time I have suffered from 
apparently I have not been as focused as days gone by.
 I know I still have a bit of time to have this completed
 but that never used to slow me down before...
Do you suppose it is like the weeds overtaking out front of the Landing?
Seems every time I wheel the lawnmower over the grass
there are is an audience of weeds
down on their knees laughing their asses off
at that big blade as it circles above
spewing their blade-buddies to and froe.
"I'll get you my pretties"
maybe not all of you today, maybe not tomorrow,
but I will get you.
none the less the plan,
for today is to share a few thoughts
of cleaning with only water
with a few good friends,
then maybe spending an hour here and an hour there.
here being stitching,
there being out in the Landing
with gloves and bucket.
Cheers to filling your bucket


  1. You're making great progress! Our weeds laugh at us, too. Jerks.

  2. Don't remember this stitch! Looks great though. Here's to more time on the porch! Lemonade in hand.


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