Monday, October 7, 2013

Sweet Dreams

Well would you look at that, 
we are well into October
and what a summer we have had.
Many new adventures have occurred
and many more to follow I am sure.
As you know there has not been much action here
 on the stitching front
simply because, well,
 there has been a few other priorities.
And on the "flip side"...
The following picture represents
a couple of months of work.
Sweet Dreams
(Lavender and Lace)
I began this piece at the end of May
when the Stitching Sisters gathered at Brentwood.
 Spent a bit of time on a lily pad
with the local frogs
then moved on through the pond to drier land.
When I first thought of stitching this
 I wanted to work it as a mirror image
 of the original chart simply because
six years ago when Peaches turned 18,
I had stitched the "Quiltmaker" (Lavender and lace)
so I did not want "Sweet Dreams"
facing the same direction.
Since both were stitched for my daughter
and will hang together in her home,
 I thought it would be nice
to have them facing each other.
More work, I know,
but with todays technology it was simple.

Here are the two together
and with the right spacing it
 will look fabulous on the wall.

Same matts and frames with just a bit of imagination on the matting.
OK, now on to the priority:
Our little Peach has her hands full
with a new baby girl! 
and in turn Grandma and Grandpa
are having a wonderful time
adoring, observing, and encouraging,
but most of all
Loving everything there is to love
 about our little
~ Cheers to sharing a life of love ~


  1. The pictures look gorgeous framed and next to each other! Stunning work :) And congrats on your grand-daughter, I hope you'll all have lots of happy times together!

  2. Beautiful job on Sweet Dreams! The two will look lovely hanging together. Congratulations on the latest addition to your family. Enjoy spoiling her silly. Being a grandparent is ever so much better than parenting was.

  3. Beautiful finish and oh, so clever of you!!! Congrats on your new granddaughter! You must be over the moon!

  4. Congratulations on the new addition to your family . How exciting for all ! The finish is just beautiful . Lots to be thankful for this weekend.
    All the best.


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