Friday, November 1, 2013

November mmmm

Well, after so long of not posting
here we are into November,
and still not much in the stitching department
to show simply because
there is a time and a place
and usually the two are never to know where
 and when that will happen.
However, this is one piece which had been lingering
around here for some time now
and with a few alterations,,, ,
NO ,,, lily pad jumping,,,
seems one little monkey decided to be a few days late
which meant that the bottom information
had to be thrown out the window and rexstitched
 to accommodate for spacing and change a month and date! 
It was always instilled into me
that  it never hurts to be ready on time
but this one was not in the cards.
Oh well, it is finally framed
and it is where it needs to be.
This chart is a total mix up
 of some of my favorite charts going.
The alphabet is somewhatxsorta like the
 Bent Creek Wedding Row but not quite,
the ribbons are scattered from the same chart
the smaller information is just kind of  an
 imagination slipping somewhere. 
I am working on a Woodland Santa Stocking
for Alexis and one other top secret item that was MIA for a month
but came back with a wonderful addition.
I also have a few items to complete for a few special friends
so with that said I bid you a stitch
and I'm off to pull a few threads.
Cheers to November and all the chilly's that come with it.


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous!! What a wonderful keepsake for such a precious little girl.


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