Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New 2014

Cheers to each and everyone who has come to see what's been going on here @ Henley's Landing.
I will admit that my entries have been far and few between this year and with any luck some of you are still interested.
Many things have occurred this year and for each and every one of them we are very grateful.
We have a very special addition to our family and she has brought so much joy to our Landing that we can hardly contain ourselves...
One thing for sure, as we move forward and observe her growth we will provide a warm hug or two each and every time we are together and have a tremendous amount of cheer and joy and guidance. 
May each and every one of you
have a wonderful 2014
and share good health with everyone you love.
As always


  1. Happy New Year! I can attest to 2013 being a year filled with much ado...I have a full grown addition and a new nephew. More to love. Here's to a stitchy 2014.

  2. happpy New year to you .... I am still here reading ..lol :) hope you have a wonderful stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxxx


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