Friday, January 10, 2014

what can i say? Cheers to all you do.

Well here we are into 2014 and hopefully back at the normalcy of life as you know it.
As I was taking a few moments to browse through some blogs, I have decided to remove a few  that have been just taking up space and upon further sightings I realize that I am going setting a few people free and along with doing that, I have also gone through some of my own posts and  you know, it never seems to fail that whenever I post something, about anything, there is some sort of reverberation from two or three individuals. Doesn't seem to matter what I choose to put out there. Sometimes being creative is a very good thing, it shows that a person has the ability and adversity to adjust and without twisting it to meet with anyone else's standards.
Along time ago I was introduced to a theory that has helped me tremendously to realize that others do and say what they do, because of what they are going through in their own life!
With that in mind,
I say to the two or three who feel the need to do whatever it is you do to make your life feel adequate, I wish you all the best with that and in some sort of twisted way I am sure you will do what you do best...
Enough said.
moving on to Stitching,,,,
For some time now I have been working on "Woodland Santa" which is a Leisure Arts Christmas Stocking from way back and today is the day I will finally be able to tackle all of the backstitching. Finally!
I will admit that not having my stitching at my side all day to pick up whenever my heart desires,  is one good reason this project has taken so long. But the best reason is that whenever our lil darl'n is around, well, you know,,,, not much else gets done and sometimes a
 Grandma just wants to cuddle.


  1. Hope yourNew Year brings you nothing but peace and success....and stitches.

  2. Baby cuddles, smells (unless we are talking diaper), and their skin --- stitching most definitely comes in second to that! And for those who makes you twitch - set them free! Let them make someone else twitch. :)


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