Sunday, July 20, 2014

lost in a week

Our Back Yard Bash was a big success and Mother Nature was certainly at her best providing yet another wonderful day for the event. Here's hoping she received her invitation for July 11, 2015 and can attend with her shining sun. We laid kinda low on the following day, knowing that we had the full week to do some things that needed to be done around the Landing.
We headed up the 400 to visit with Jan and Fred and although Leroy is very used to the  “A of O” traffic, he sure didn’t want to get tied up in the crap on holidays, but hey he’s good and tucked his patience in his back pocket prior to leaving town.  I SURE AS HELL WOULD NOT WANT TO HAVE TO DRIVE IN THAT EVERY DAY.  At the end of the drive up he did get to go off across to the lake and not only did he get soaking wet with the rain, he did catch a couple of fish all while Jan and I pulled a few stitches through our fabric.  After a nice peaceful talk around the dinner table we headed back home and didn’t make bad timing,,, well until we hit the construction season around Cootes Paradise , and from there it was smooth sailing.
Another day/evening we headed out to meet up with someone from the past whom has never had a chance to get to know us as we are and for that we are glad to have had this opportunity. A new door in life has been unlocked and opened with an energetic group of friends sharing a refreshing and long overdue outlook. As we embark on what could be an interesting adventure, not only will we share time, we will learn and grow from this friendship.
Then there was the ride to Dover… Arbor Hot Dogs…… I THINK NOT!!! We did the walk around, hit a few stores, sat on bench outside a store eating/sipping our salad/smoothie and enjoyed the sunny afternoon followed by a jaunt up town to see a tiny bit of the ELVIS show. Maybe not a bad thing we only saw a bit of it. We then took a trip over the bridge to deliver something and had a nice visit with a couple of pretty incredible kids.
(if you head to Dover, don’t forget to go to Picard’s for some treats. We picked up some unblanched almonds and peanuts and they have the most incredible Habanero flavored peanuts…holy frick’en hot; but damn good)
While doing what we do on a Saturday afternoon a familiar car pulls up into the Landing and all be damned,,,, did they think we changed the date of the Bash…almost the right time but a week late I’d say.  We spent the rest of the afternoon with my cousin and his wife and got caught up with the happenings of their families and ours. 
So to say we had a busy week:  no not really but we did have fun, we did learn a few things and did we laugh….. yep we sure did.
First thing this morning….  Well ok maybe not first thing,,, 7 :40 am the phone rings with Leroy’s itinerary for tomorrow….  Jackass, I thnk we should change our phone number…..  just say’n…. Cheers to a week with 4 wheels not 18.
AND NEXT WEEK MAYBE NOT EITHER, coz well you know,,,,
it’s a certain day that only comes once a year and all…
I know, I know,,, priorities…

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