Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I know, I know
I am still here and still stitching
and receiving emails regarding my tardiness towards my blog.
No excuses are believable
and I really have none anyway.
Well other than that
little darling Grand-daughter of ours. 
I have to wonder where the last 9 months has gone
 not to mention the last 25 years. 
In understanding the process of life,
somewhat, sorta,
it is easy to say the older we get
the more we have to compare our time with
so it tends to go quicker. 
On the stitching side of things,
a wonderful group Stitching Sisters
and including The 4 from Forest,  
spent a few hours together last May
and silly me spit out a request,
to which they all jumped on 
faster than I really thought about
what was coming out of my mouth....
Damn filter must have been plugged.
Anyway without hesitation,
these wonderful women each stitched
 a special little tribute for our little Princess
and those who follow.
Stitching on this was a tad time consuming
but the finishing was quick and easy.
I might just add that this treasure was completely
finished by the time we left to go to our beloved
Back where it all began,
and let me tell you what a relief it was
to have it totally finished!
And without further adieu. 
shy of the shadow, here it is
and what a wonderful family heirloom!
I thank each and every person who contributed
to this amazing blanket and appreciate every bit of your determination and dedication.
Here is our little Princess.
As time goes on,
be assured that she will be stitching up
her own little storm
and never have to go to the stores
to begin her own stash room...
(gotta love beneficiaries)
Well, I think that is enough for now
so I will wish you the best of best
and the safest way home.

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  1. That blanket is just wonderful and I'm sure will be treasured!


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