Tuesday, June 16, 2015

hmmm. halfway through June!

It has been a while since I've sent an entry to this blog. Wow, time flies. It seems as if every time I sit down to compose a thought or two, millions flood the gate and it becomes a tad mind boggling. So, suffice to say, Yes, I am still busy stitching, Yes, the costuming is completed for the year and Yes, we are totally enjoying the Grand-parenting time of our lives.

There have been a few starts in the stitching end of life here and the majority of the time has been on Santa heads for Christmas ornaments for our little grandchildren.  I am on a mission to stitch 12 for each one which in turn would make a count of 60! I have 3 completely finished and maybe another 18 ready to finish. Two of our grandchildren have recently come into our lives and one more has yet to be allowed to make up her own mind. That may or may not happen but if and when it does the goodies will be ready and waiting.

I have also been a bit busy with many birth and wedding samplers and loving each one of them.  Funny how you can change colour to suit the people you stitch for and give the same piece a totally different look. Does that count as doing the same thing twice? well, kinda, sorta, I guess, but they all look wonderful when finished and I know that each and every one of these is truly appreciated.

A few other things have been going on here @ Henley's Landing and I am loving what is going down...so to speak.....  Any wonder you have been seeing less of me???? lol Well, after many, many, many years of being overweight, I have finally made a choice to change my lifestyle, and can you imagine walking past a window of a store and liking the jacket you see in the reflection and then realizing, holy crap, that's me?...... well it has happened on more than one occassion, and I must admit it is an awesome feeling. some people have funny reactions when they look at you and say Hi, then they realize who you are! Others have walked right past me and turn around to say Hi, and some just say it was the smile or the laugh that made them realize who was standing there chatting it up with them. Some people have mixed reactions and I totally get that, I understand those feelings oh to well and I also understand that those feelings are not because I have done this but more because of what is going on in their own lives. I have done this for my own health and happiness and would not take any of that poundage back. I will admit that it is an awesome feeling being able to go into a store and try on things with the number 1 as the first number on the size tag rather than a 2, or the letter M instead of XXX. For many years I made my own clothes rather than face the embarrassing fact that I could not find things that fit in a style that I liked and now, well, now, that is not an issue. hurrah....

and I think on that note, I will leave you to continue on with your day.


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  1. Well Helloooo there Missy!
    Wonderful happenings at the Landing, cheers all around!
    Ahem...a pic would be nice, now that you teased us with that tidbit...jus' saying' I am solo happy for you on so many levels, girlfriend, mostly because it means that a healthy you is a longer living you, and I cannot imagine life without our Jayne girl at the helm...
    OK 'nough mushy stuff
    Glad to see ya and loved the post!


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