Tuesday, June 23, 2015

what a pleasure and a big THANK YOU

Yesterday I had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend. For life's little reasons, it has been some time since we have spoken and if you had been sitting out back with us, you would have thought we spoke just the day before. We shared the happenings of our families, our homes, and all the things in life that make us happy. 

As we chatted, laughed and shared some emotional thoughts, we also knew that for every day that we don't manage to get together, we will have more to speak of when we can. When I think back on all of the times we shared at work and away, it is a comfort to know that we still feel the same towards each other and all of our life changes are for our own well-being and not one  has been to impress others. What a wonderful feeling. 

It is amazing how reuniting with old friends can be uplifting and a lot of fun. Sometimes there are old friends that just never change and other friends do change. Or do they? 

I know of a couple of old friends who have made some pretty impressive changes in their lives and when you can make a difference in your own life then you can make a difference in others. When you sit back and observe, you realize that some changes are in fact welcomed, needed and well deserved. Observations can sometimes be funny too, you just never know what, where and from whom you will learn more about the root of a story.

A heartfelt Thanks to you for sharing your time and wonderful ability to share the warmth.

as always

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