Monday, June 4, 2012

Somewhere over the rainbows

 far away,,, 
actually not that far 
but who really knows where 
those pots of gold really are?
 and when you find them do you really find happiness? 
Leroy found happiness with all of the rain we received this weekend and now he has plenty of water in his totes to water each and every little morsel of prettiness here @ Henley's Landing. 
and if you ask me someone else is happy.

Maybe  a bit out of his element 
but happy none the least.
x x x /'
Now, on to the stitch of the past week. 
What started out as a friendship
has developed into a love,
now reality is in the home stretch.
Going from a copy of an invitation 
to a piece of paper
and this is what developed:
well, with all the Mudsliding  of last weekend,
things finally settled down for a good stitch 
and with the following few days of sunshine,
this is what we have.
Now the question is: 
In reguards to framing,,,
shall I follow my true love 
or play on a different field?
I am sure whichever direction I go
it will work out and once that happens
I will post the results.
x x x /'
Cheers to  decisions of the day !


  1. Wow - just a bit of inspiration and look at what came out! Beautiful! Go with your gut and you won't go wrong.

  2. oooo gorgeous rainbow ...glad you have got water in your butts
    cute snow man too :0
    love your design and finish and go with your gut reaction to how it should be finished finished and you won't go far wrong :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. That's really beautiful, Jayne. I love it!! Of course, my brother and his wife have already picked theirs out (and it's much larger than this one, lol). Now I have to find someone else getting married... Keep up the good work!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!!... the gardens AND the wedding stitch!!! Can't wait to see it all framed up :-)

  5. LOL - Leroy needs to have a chat with my DH Leo. I think Leo was actually out patting his lawn because it is again pretty and green. I even saw him out one day talking to the dandelions - convincing them to move on.

  6. LOVE the wedding stitch. I can't wait to see it finished, however you decide to do it.

  7. Lovely wedding gift! Send some of that wet stuff over here! I think we've had about 1/2" in 6 weeks! My water bill is going to be through the roof!


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