Friday, June 22, 2012

What an interesting way to learn about other stitchers and in reading some of the questions out there in blogland I have come up with a few more.
  1. When your children are crying and calling your name do you jump or finish that thread?
  2. Do you plan your meals around stitching?
  3. When the end table has so much dust on it do you put your stitching down or realize that the thicker the dust gets the better the protective covering is?
  4. Do you use a "sippy cup" when  you are drinking and stitching? lol
  5. How long do  you cut your threads when it is time for a new length?
  6. Do you realize that the shorter you cut them the sooner someone can interrupt?
  7. Do you put your stitching down when  you have friends over?
  8. Do you take your stitching with you when  you go to friends ?
  9.  How do you know when you have had enough stitching at one sitting?
  10. When  you eat your smarties do you eat the red ones last OR do you save the colour that matches the thread you are working at that time?
There, now you have my smartass questions for the day!
Cheers to each and every cross you stitch this weekend

~ As always  ~                             
~ keep   An eye for threads & Be  Always  in  Stitches ~ 
xxx / ' jayne  


  1. Ok Jayne!
    1 - My kids are old enough that if they are crying something weird is going on. So, I'd put the stitching down. :(
    2 - No, but there have been plenty of late meals do to me loosing track of time.
    3 - You can see the end table?? I have so much stuff on it I have to pile the latest WIP on it when I stop stitching.
    4 - No sippy cup but I do use a squeezy water bottle.
    5 - I cut my lengths 18-22" long
    6 - It doesn't matter - they interrupt regardless what I'm doing.
    7 - Yes most generally I do put it down.
    8 - And no I don't take it with me.
    9 - When my back starts hurting.
    10 - I haven't had smarties in years. But, my skittles - I pull out some and sort the colors. The one with the fewest is eaten first.

  2. Hi Jayne, Here are my answers to your questions. And they are some really good questions!
    1)My kids are grown and no longer live at home but when I have my grandkids I make them come to me then I decide if I need to put my stitching down.
    2)No I don't plan meals around meals I think DH would fire me and make me get a real job.
    3)don't like dust on my endtable I don't want my stitching to get dirty.
    4)No sippy cup for me, I have my diet coke bottle with a cap on it.
    5)I just do arms length, not sure how long that is.
    6)I figure the longer I make it the less time I spend rethreading my needle. and yes they seem to interupt regardless how long the thread is.
    7)Depends on which friends stop by but most of the time yes I will put it down.
    8)I carry a small stitching project in my purse at all times. You never know when you will get bored sitting there.
    9)Can this happen? Ok yes it can when I get stiff from sitting in one spot too long.
    10)I can honestly say I don't eat when I stitch, but I do love me some M&M's and color does not matter.

    Happy Stitching

    1. oops #2 should say I don't plan meals around stitching.

  3. Teehee, love your questions!
    1. Children are grown up, so if they call me, they get told to come down and see me.....I'm not letting anything get in the way of stitching!!!
    2.If it were just me on my own, then meals would be planned around stitching, but unfortunately I have a couple of hungry males who always seem to need feeding!
    3.Mmmm, can't actually see the table for all the stitchy suff!
    4. No sippy cup, just an extra large mug.
    5.It depends on how many stitches I have to do in that colour. Normally about twenty inches or so, if there's a lot of the same colour.
    6. I get interrupted no matter what! ;(
    7. No
    8. Yes
    9. When I start making mistakes, then I know it's time for a break!
    10. I try not to eat when i stitch, but when I have a break....well I have to make up for lost time!

  4. If I find time to plop my behind down on the couch, in my little corner near the end table and the perfect light then...

    1. I am not getting off my duff when my [13yr, 16yr & 44yr old] boys call my name...unless there is blood involved.

    2. Since we eat on a timely schedule, it is easy to set aside my stitching for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    3. Table hidden by fabric, thread, and a large pile of stitching magazines :)

    4. No sippy cup...but I have one of those reuseable waterbottles with a pop top...does that count?

    5. Just depends on the kind of thread used and if it is already precut (GAST vs. DMC).

    6. The shorter I cut, the quicker I find myself getting up to fold the laundry.

    7. Sometimes.

    8. My stitching project(s) are always packed in the bag I carry (as is my tooth brush, hair brush and extra set of contacts). I always have to be ready to go to the rink, travel to a hockey tournament and get stuck in an airport at 2am.

    9. I have had enough stitching during one sitting when I am so relaxed that it becomes naptime!

    10. Let's just say...thank goodness M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hands :)

  5. 1. No kids at home and at my age, I rarely jump anymore unless I hear the words "fire".
    2.My stitching is usually in the evenings after dinner
    3. My table might get cleaned about once a month, if it's lucky.
    4. No, my drink stays on the coffee table, which doesn't hold any WIP which could get spilled on.
    5. Probably too long according to the stitching gods. But I hate rethreading.
    6. I don't usually stop what I'm doing until I'm done with my piece of thread, unless I hear "fire"
    7. Usually, because I've been accused of being anti social when I don't
    8. Not very often, but I have on occasion.
    9. I didn't think there was such a thing. Maybe when my teeth are so "fuzzy" because it's been over 12 hours since I brushed because I didn't get off the couch??
    10.Funny you should mention that, I just bought a whole container of sweetart smarties.....I like eating all the like colors together. But I'm not so crazy as to think about the color of thread I'm using.


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