Tuesday, June 5, 2012

wooops,,, and it happens again....

I was preparing a post earlier this morning and for one reason or another I was distracted. Probably a good thing because it would have hit the nail right on the head and that whole thought of not having reactions would have been blown out of the water. I would venture a guess that had I have hit that publish button, other information may have been worded a tad differently but it is neither here nor there now and for whatever reason I was distracted I know that it is a good thing. 

Distractions tend to pop up in my life and knowing how to identify why this happens is a great way to enjoy them. Take the other day while walking the dogs,,,  SEE,,,
thank goodness for the little distractions because they tend to redirect me to what is truly important in my life rather than playing in narcissism for why I do what I do, choose the things I choose and whom I choose to share my time with and why.  I can't think of one time I have thought, oh I can't be around that person because she is..... or she will..... or she did... I do know that I make choices to appreciate those qualities that as friends we share and not the ones which in the past may have been prevalent. I can't imagine referring to the wonderful friendships I hold dear to my heart as those that are without prior resentments and drama. 

Thank goodness I understand the importance on focusing on what each and every bond has and having the ability to admire what our friendships mean to all involved. 
Cheers to what it is,,, not what it's not!


  1. Sounds like a growing experience for you and that's good. Well done for redirecting. Isn't easy.

    Love the new fresh look here on your blog!

  2. By the way, I like the new blog look.....


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