Wednesday, June 6, 2012


When I picked this one out of the pile back at the beginning of April it was up to the centre of the skinny tree in the middle.  So for the last couple of months I have managed to pull a few stitches from one of the three pages I started and this is what has come out of it so far.

So anything to the left(as you look at it) of that centre point is in the works until the end of the month.  Thankfully there are still a few more days left in June.
Here is it is  up until now.
Hmmm, I wonder if I will continue to work on this one during the summer months or hop on back to Xmas?
and then we have all of the little'ns in the works. Seems to be a pattern here and that's OK coz it is a fun stitch and each one will be different. I am thinking that each one may have a different finish also but that, as you can see is a few Wedstitchdays away.

Cheers to being on


  1. Being on schedule? You actually try to schedule things - damn, I knew you were good but now you are showing just how good! :)

  2. I wish I could schedule things, and then stay on schedule. Something always seems to come up, lol. It's looking fabulous. I love the trees and the cabin. Lovely. You've made a lot of progress too. Grats!!

  3. That BAP looks relaxing, so it might be a good one to stick with. But then we'd miss out on seeing what else you're up to... Hmmm...


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