Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O = Original

for many years I sported a logo of originality.
this logo went on every piece of clothing I made.
and not only the pieces I made for myself but for anyone.
Most of what I did was of an original base so why not add to that?
There is something to having original ideas,
you know,
the ones that hit you
right out of the blue,
off the top or when you least expect it.
There are also ideas that for whatever reason,
(ego ego ego)
sound better when you, yourself, speak of them...
forget that you have heard it from another source,
it just becomes your idea and that's all you know and believe.
(shallow like a crick of mino's)
I will admit to compiling many ideas to get something that is different,
and I would never venture to say it was an original...
it is just different.
So, I am grateful for having the ability to be different,
to see outside a box,
to view the top half of the glass,
and to give credit where credit is due.
Cheers to being Original

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