Friday, April 19, 2013

Q = Quilt

There is a knack to using a tiny needle
to make tiny little stitches in a uniform design
and once you get that bug you will never forget the desired perfection.
Quilting was and still is an art.
With so many designs out there
one could have just about as much stash as a dedicated Cross Stitcher.
oh the fabrics,
my goodness there are so many to choose from.
Even when you know which design you are going to do,
choosing the perfect colour and texture combinations
 can be mind boggling.
Learning to make perfect cuts, straight seams, and precise joins
has to be one of the most time consuming chores,
but let me tell you,
 and many of you already understand
it's an amazing feeling of pride.
I personally love the hand stitched projects and have a great admiriation to those who choose to work the needle and thread. But; I do understand that with the modern technology in some of the amazing sewing/quilting machines  that have long arms and computerized designs, that the ease on your hands is worth the investment.
Still love the hand worked quilts though.
When you see the final outcome
you can sit back, or lay back as it were,
and totally envelope yourself
in the warmth of knowing that you have created yet another labour of love
 to hold the warmth within.
There is just something about attending a Quilt show
where so many labours of love are hung to be critiqued and admired.
One particular show stands out in my mind that I attended
with Mother and her sister, was in Oakville
and it was a long time ago
but the memories of all of the wonderful
Quilts hanging from the rafters was simply amazing.
The colours were displayed like a large wave circling the outer walls and the centre of the floor was dedicated to wall hangings and actual Quilters sharing thier love of the old frames.
There were NO duplicates on display and that was NOT in the rules,
just the way it happened.
The time that goes into this craft is unmeasurable
and to see a group of women sitting around an old frame is mesmerizing.
It is almost like their arms, thread lengths and heads are all synchronized.
Over the years I have put tiny stitches on a few quilts
and loved every minuted of it.
I even made a cheater quilt for Peaches one year
and had her help me cut the strips for the outer edge.
She had NO IDEA what those strips were for
and it just so happened to be in the middle of dance costume season.
Funny what you can work into a schedule.
That Christmas when she received her quilt
she burst out in laughter and said
"Oh,,, your funny, I thought those damn strips were for ruffles for a costume!
Cheers to the wonderful art of Quilting
and to all of the amazing Quilters out there!

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