Saturday, April 20, 2013

R = R&R & one more R


Every now and then it is important to have a rest to revitalize.
It not only provides you with a refreshed feeling/look
but it is also a calming sense. 


Mixed in with the rest, relaxation is very important after a long day.
Relaxing can come in many different forms
and for me a good length of thread
will provide what is needed to relax,
and oh, how I love to relax.
and one more R =


only 34 more sleeps........


now that's what I'm talk'n 'bout Jack.....


  1. Rest...that is the hardest thing to do. To allow one's selve to stop, take a break, breathe deep...relax. However in order to really live life, we must and we must give ourselves permission to stop and breathe!
    Take care and relax!

  2. Hard to believe our Retreat is getting that close... RIGHT ON!! ☺

  3. Thirty four sleeps huh? Getting excited by chance? Rest and relaxing...sounds wonderful. Think I'll head to bed now that you've mentioned it!


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