Monday, April 22, 2013

S = Stitching & Snowmen

I think I was born with a 28 petite in my right hand,
blended threads in the eye and a chart by my side.
With fabric in my left hand,
I began creating pieces of wonder and merriment.
How wonderful to be brought into this world
with a special love for stitching.
 Oh, I might add that on the second day of my life
I made a Snowman...
Anyone knowing me can assure you
that my love for stitching is and has been for life.
I truly enjoy this form of art
and love to share my work with friends and family.
I have been stitching for what seems to be about 50 years,
and for all intense purpose,
I shall be around for another 100
as per the shelf of DO~ME~NEXT's, WANNA~BE~DONE's,
and red bag of the UFO"s .
As most know,
I absolutely love the Teresa Wentzler Designs(TWD),  
Alessandra Adelaide and Heaven and Earth,
I do believe that confetti should stay with weddings....

Then came Snowmen,
and let me tell you that they are still coming!
Even after the collection has been closed, shut down and overflowed.
Believe me when I say there are plenty here to go around
but that by no means says they are going anywhere!
This home would be only a house without all of these little buddies.
Some not so little either!
Each and every one has a special place
and I know where and from whom each one came from too.
There were times that I would open my back door
and without a peep there would be a Snowman.
No noise at all, no note, just a jolly ole Snowman looking for a place to melt. heart.
To the collections credit,
there is only one duplicate
and that is simply a Mom and baby Snowman
so that Alex and Peaches will each receive one with a Mom.
and then they can duke it out for the other 548!!!
lol you laugh????
naw,,, not a laughing matter ,
there really are that many,,,
and yes I have counted them.
(and no I haven't named them)
You have to dust them sometimes you know,
 ha ha ha.
Protective covering makes for dingy Snowmen,
so the dust has to go sometimes.
The old air hose comes in handy again...

I have to admit to having some of the best friends in the world
which have added to my collections of
Stitching and Snowmen 
and of course silly....
there are stitched Snowmen here @ Henley's Landing.

Cheers to keeping in Stitches with Snowmen.

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